Exploring Scotland: King’s Seat Hill

After finishing the series ‘Merlin’, on Netflix (RIP season 6), we decided to visit Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. Whilst looking up information about Arthur’s Seat we also discovered a hill called ‘King’s Seat Hill’ in Dollar, and, in continuing the theme of hills and royalty, we decided to pay it a visit. To get to King’s Seat Hill we took a bus to Dollar, The Ness. From there we followed some pavements till we got to an path leading to Dollar Glen.

After scaling numerous, particularly steep steps, and admiring the waterfall, we arrived at a bench with a view of the medieval Castle Campbell, previously known as Castle Gloom. There were blue-bells all around us and you could hear the birds, it was so peaceful. We bumped into a number of people of a variety of ages around this point, both ascending and descending the glen, so it is a fairly popular walk.

After navigating through more of Dollar Glen and climbing loads more stairs, we emerged to this view! At the top of the hill you can see Scott climbing is another bench. This was the last bench we came across when going up.

Further up there was a very photographic rubble wall. Then you have the steepest part of the hill. Just power through it. There is a slight, stony path, however I did not enjoy using this as the stones were not very stable so I predominantly climbed using the grass. When you reach the top you will see a big pile of stones crowning the summit. The view is stunning, you can see the whole valley and it is a beautiful location for lunch. At the top of the hill we bumped into one hill-runner, and one person on a mountain-bike. All in all I think it took us, from alighting the bus to reaching the summit, roughly 2 hours.

When you have finished descending King’s Seat Hill, it is not much further until you reach Dollar high-street, where there is The King’s Seat Bar & Restaurant ; and opposite, our favourite café in Dollar: Café Des Fleurs 

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. AstridOxford says:

    The pictures are so awesome! Everything is so green!


    1. gractive says:

      Thankyou AstridOxford! Yes it was a very green walk haha!


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