Scott and Bekka – about us

Hello Reader, we are two friends, Bekka and Scott who live in Scotland. We both love being active outdoors, and we share a passion for good, wholesome food… and lots of it!

We decided this summer to put a focus on our general health and fitness levels, so I (Bekka) have been working on my cooking skills…or lack of…a few years ago I managed to burn tinned tomato soup beyond recognition. In terms of the food I am trying to cook, I have a large focus on more plant-based meals, however, living with a family who love their meat means I sometimes cook with meat too.

In terms of fitness levels, we are following a body-weight resistance training workout plan. As well as this we swim once a week, and cycle several times a week – 7 miles minimum. I do goal-keeper training once a week with a personal coach, and am using the couch to 5k app. Scott plays football several times a week.

I have made this blog to record our progress and hopefully motivate and inspire others to lead a healthier lifestyle.



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